Are you tired of sunglasses that constantly slide down your nose? Is it distracting to have to nudge them back into place?

Discover the Journey Optics Difference

Sunglasses that stay on your nose and off your cheeks

Won't Slide Down Your Nose

No more adjusting your sunglasses every few minutes. Our frames are designed to stay securely and comfortably on your face.

Frames that Stay Off Your Cheeks

Our frames won't rest on your cheeks and won't lift off your nose when you smile.

Customized Fit

Each pair of Journey sunglasses includes 3 interchangeable height nose pads. Select the one that fits you best.

What Our Community Says

"Finally, a brand that understands us! I finally have sunglasses designed for my face and active lifestyle."

Peter C

Torrance, CA

The fit is perfect! I've been searching for sunglasses that don't rest on my cheeks. Love them for my long rides!

Adam W

San Jose, CA

Wow! This is the only brand that fits my low nose bridge. No more marks on my cheeks. Great for driving and hiking!

Eric C

Houston, TX

Journey Optics - Bommer - full framed shield low nose bridge fit sunglasses

Bommer Full Shields

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Aliso Half Rims

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Journey Optics - Aviator Miramar Sunglasses

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