About Us

asian man wears journey optics low nose bridge fit sunglasses style pismo

Journey Optics emerged from a personal struggle with ill-fitting eyewear during a challenging mountain bike climb. My sunglasses were sitting on my cheeks and I had to keep pushing them up my nose to keep them from digging into my face even more. 

Frustrated, I purchased nearly every low bridge sunglasses I could find, including styles from the known established brands. After trying them all, I was disappointed that those styles didn't fit any better.

I sought to design sunglasses for others like me with a low nose bridge. Taking inspiration from current design trends and after hundreds of prototypes, we created fresh new designs from the ground up and opened new molds to bring properly fitting low nose bridge sunglasses into your hands.

The quest for a perfect fit transformed into a broader mission as I reflected on life changes, including leaving an 8-year job, personal loss, and societal challenges.

The brands name, Journey, signifies a celebration of individual paths and self-acceptance. Beyond eyewear, it embraces a broader narrative of self-discovery, belonging, and purpose.

Thank you for supporting me in my journey. I hope my frames bring vision and clarity to yours.